We Made it to Oslo!!!

Well, as often happens, sleep on the airplane did not happen for most of us. To Murphy‘a delight, Oslo has many little playgrounds all over the city; including one right outside the central train station. You can’t do much better than a playground & ice cream after a long flight. We made it until 6:00 pm before all crashing. Of course Murphy & I were up sitting on the beautiful balcony at 2:00 am, but it was nice to see the city as it,mostly, slept.

Ready for take-off!
Reykjavik to Oslo
2:00 am in Oslo!

We took a lovely walking tour of Oslo today. Our guide was wonderful. She showed us 2 amazing museums, the Oslo city hall and shared much local knowledge with us. Then, after a quick nap, we set out into the rain to see the Akershus Fortress and find some supper. Of course, this included several stops at small playgrounds!!! And now, here I am…sitting on our balcony at 4:30 am enjoying the city and the Pepsi Max from the hotel fridge.

Near the Central Station
Walking through the city
Papa & Murphy…Murphy loves to try out new faces for the camera.
The Museum of Cultural History
All over Europe you will find small plaques in the sidewalk where a Jewish person or family lived before they were taken by the Nazis. I saw similar plaques in the sidewalks of Berlin.
Inside city hall.
Saint Hallvard of Oslo
4:30 am in Oslo!!!

One response to “We Made it to Oslo!!!”

  1. katsherfey9a92df42be Avatar

    Wonderful pictures!! Oslo looks beautiful. And those playgrounds look awesome! Enjoy! Excited to hear more. 💗


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