Holy Cow, Holy Cow, Holy Cow!!!!

Holy cow…that’s what we have been hearing from Murphy for the past 2 days! Leave it to a six year old to say what everyone is thinking in a couple of words. We headed out from Oslo on the Bergen Railway to Myrdal, then on the Flåm Railway to Flåm. What an amazing ride. I know that there might be better and more descriptive words than amazing, but nothing can do it justice, so I will simply share pictures. And we ended the evening with a playground and a beer tasting!!!

The next day we motored into the fjord on a ship. This fantastic adventure continued on land at Gudvangen and a traditional Viking village. We learned about weaving, boat-making, archery, & axe throwing. (Not to brag, but I ruled at axe throwing. Apparently I was so amazing that nobody could take their eyes off my throwing long enough for pictures.😄) Rowan even found a Viking game he knew how to play. It was an incredible day! A bus and another train ride brought us to the city of Bergen on the West coast of Norway.

It is hard to capture the beauty of the fjord in pictures, but here is an attempt.

2 responses to “Holy Cow, Holy Cow, Holy Cow!!!!”

  1. Holy cow is right!! 🙂 Looks amazing. And way to go on that axe throwing! Have a wonderful time!


  2. What a day! Full of beauty and lots of fun.


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