An Overnight Ferry and (sticking with the boating theme) Kayaks!

I think I had my best sleep yet on the ride from Bergen to Ålesund. It was a Hurtigruten ferry/overnight cruise boat, the MS Vesterålen. We were on the boat for almost 24 hours. It was a nice way to rest up while traveling through some incredible fjords. I would definitely recommend this ship. While it is smaller and older than some of their ships, it was more personal & less crowded.

When we made it to Ålesund, we were taken aback by the beauty of this small town. I have read many books that include Ålesund. Being there to experience the place was a feeling I can’t explain. We took a kayak tour of the canals. Our guide was knowledgeable about the history of the city. 90% of Ålesund burned in 1904. You could see the buildings that had been built after the fire. After kayaking, we toured a small museum where the history the city included a history of klipfish and cod oil manufacturing.

The Shetland Bus was the nickname of the fishing boats that went between the Shetland Islands of Scotland & Norwegian coastal towns, including Ålesund, Norway. They delivered saboteurs and equipment for the fight against the Nazis while also getting many people out of the occupied country. Years ago, I found and read the book by David Howarth. On this trip I was able to see where some of these events actually happened.

During WWII, several men parachuted into Ålesund. They were hidden in this house for 2 weeks after the airplane bringing their supplies crashed in the harbor.

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  1. Beautiful and such rich history.


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