And then we made it to Bergen!

Traveling across Norway can be tiring even with an overnight stop. Our supper on the train after the Viking village consisted of sandwiches from the deli in Gudvangen. Making it to Bergen was worth it, though. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. After getting out of the train station, we walked past a lovely city park and through a central square. A couple map snafus later, and the tired group found our hotel. Luckily the bar was still open. A glass of wine/beer/orange Fanta along with pretzels & peanuts was just what we needed before heading to bed. One nice thing about Bergen was our lack of schedule. We had 2 days to wander the city. The first thing we did was find the Bergenhus Fortress. We were able to explore the many levels of Rosenkrantz tower and Haakon’s hall that are now a museum. Interesting Fact: An explosion in the harbor in 1944 greatly damaged the fortress & hall. They quickly attached a temporary roof to stabilize the hall & then restored the fortress throughout the 1950s. They were able to finish the restoration by its 700th anniversary in 1961. The next day we headed up the funicular to Fløyen for some dramatic city & harbor views. While Murphy humored us & looked at the views while eating his ice cream & hotdog (ice cream first, of course…), he really was only there for the incredible playgrounds & the goats. We ended our second day by eating a yummy supper & boarding our overnight ferry! More on that next time!!!

Haakon’s Hall
Heading into the basement (dungeon) of the tower.
After looking at the naked people portrayed on the sides, Murphy asked if all people were naked during World War I…
Someone is becoming quite adept at tying his shoes. Which is good because he refuses help!

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  1. Awesome pics! Looks like a beautiful area! That playground looks amazing. 🙂


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