Lofoten!!! Above the Arctic Circle!!!

Okay, so making it to a place that is above the Arctic Circle is something I’ve always wanted to do. Yay for crossing that one off my list! And I can tell you that the Lofoten Islands didn’t disappoint.

On our first day, we arrived early due to the SAS airline strike & our changed flight. We retrieved our rental van from Hertz. It was supposed to be a Mercedes Benz Vito, but since we were early, we got to advertise for Hertz with their blue & yellow Hertz van. The picture says it all. Let’s just say, we were always able to find it in the parking lots. We checked into our Rorbu cabins at Hattvika Lodge, and had the afternoon to relax & recuperate from the early morning flight.

On our second day, we went to a local farm to have lunch & meet some goats. Aalan Gård was a great farm to visit. Knut & Tove were great hosts. I would recommend the drive & the farm!

After the visit to Aalan Gård, we headed to Henningsvær to check it out. It was worth it! The drive was absolutely amazing! We stopped by the most beautiful beach and ran in the Norwegian Sea on our way back. Our final stop of the day was at a Viking Museum with some awesome wild boar to visit.

Our third day was absolutely fantastic! At Hov Gård, we got to ride Icelandic horses (We were informed that really they were Norwegian horses when the Vikings took them over to Iceland. They came back Icelandic horses😊) All I know is that they were perfect. Our horses were: Idi, Hrimnir, Tvistur, Frida, Vetur, Heidiros, and Ophelia. Everyone walked away loving those horses & the ride. We rode on the beach as waves crashed around us! We rode up & down rocky paths where our sure-footed steeds proved that they knew their way around. And, we ended by running a couple laps around their track. I would do this again in a heartbeat!!!!!

After our adventure on horseback, we headed to the Lofoten War Museum in Svolvær. This museum has one of the largest collections of uniforms & smaller objects from World War II. It is kept up by a local man who is extremely knowledgeable about the subject and who obviously wants to share that knowledge with others.

I have read several books by David Howarth. We Die Alone is one of his best. He also wrote The Shetland Bus.

Our final day in Lofoten was Jesse’s & my wedding anniversary! We were supposed to kayak. The weather didn’t agree with that (too windy on the water), so our guide Jonás, offered us a chance to go for a hike. This turned out to be a great outing that we were all glad we were able to experience. We hiked into a lake where we fished (Ed was the only one to catch a fish) and ate lunch around a campfire.

After a nice supper at the Hattvika Lodge restaurant, Jesse & I enjoyed the sauna overlooking the ocean.

2 responses to “Lofoten!!! Above the Arctic Circle!!!”

  1. Lofoten was so beautiful. You describe our adventures there really well- thanks Micki!


  2. Beautiful photos! What a pretty area. Loved following your adventures! Welcome home!


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